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How to Value an Antique Singer Sewing Machine

Antique Singer Sewing Machine Parts

Finding parts for Antique Singer Sewing Machines can be a daunghting task since they don't make them any longer.  The two sites listed below might help.

The best way to find parts for antique Singer Sewing Machines (made before 1900) to seek out similar machine to the one needing the parts.  Inquire at places where they are being sold.  You might be able to find machines not acceptable for sale that have usable parts.  Also other collectors may have spare parts available for sale.

You can start collecting old machines just to build up a supply of spare parts.

Here are listings of parts to be on the lookout for:

Partial listing of home sewing machine parts:

    Belts, even old leather treadle belts
    Bobbins, bobbin cases, and bobbin winder parts
    Foot controls (speed controls) and power cords
    Needle and slide plates
    Light bulbs
    Spool pins
    Feed dogs (We can replace those rubber Singer ones with metal in most cases)
    Tension parts and assemblies
    Knives and loopers for your Serger overlock
    Needles of all styles and sizes

Partial listing of industrial sewing machine parts:

    Tables, stands and motors
    Light assemblies
    Bobbin winders
    Bobbins and bobbin cases
    Needle plates
    Knives for sergers overlocks and underbed trimmers
    Looper for serger overlock and button hole machines

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